Sony HT-CT60BT User Review

  • Mywilfing
    Great sound but poor design features!
    Review of Sony HT-CT60BT Soundbar by Mywilfing, Jun 2, 2014.
    Having hooked up this soundbar to my TV I'm happy I can now get some funky sound, but this package is not without compromise.

    First off the sub woofer is wired (I think the next model up CT260 is wireless) and I would have hoped for a wire that's longer than 1.5m, failing that I would have hoped I could easily find an extension cable but I've not managed so far (suggestions very much appreciated).

    Sony does bundle an Optical cable in the package, which was what I needed as my own cable is fairly thick and not very flexible and as a result I could not get into the port and have it sit properly in the recess that's viewable in the photos of this review. It might help people to know that the cable (once connected) runs out the back and towards the right hand side of a TV (as you look at it). The sony optical cable is uber thin and short (~0.5m) but as a result I ran it up and under the TV.

    The greatest disappointment is the power cable (no photo of that recess that sits to the left of the bar when it's set up). The "kettle" like socket does not allow you to seat the cable all the way and the actual mains cable is at most 1m long and finished off with a cheap black plastic plug. I'm sure I'll be able to buy a better plug and longer lead but these things should have been considered when it was being designed.

    This may make it sound like I'm unhappy and I'm not, but when I buy I consider the aesthetics as well as the products performance and this falls short on one score.
    This item was purchased. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Great Sound
    • Great Sound, neat package and superb price


    • All connecting wires are all very short
    • Ports are difficult to access and all connecting wires are all very short

    Build Quality




    Ease of Use


    Sound Quality




    Value for Money



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