NAD D3020 V2 User Review

  • Aus1
    Great small amp, impressive with some issues.
    Review of NAD D3020 V2 Stereo Amplifier by Aus1, Mar 28, 2018.
    Hi all, Great sound detail, dynamic range through PSB B5 bookshelf speakers.
    The reviewer should have mentioned you can switch the bass feature by remote.
    It has the ability to go to standby with no digital signal after 30mins which I find too long. The good news eith also auto sense it can turn on from standby from the last digital signal source. The vertical volume control display is badly calibrated in my opinion as my speaker volume adjustement is only in the top 3 lights for quite TV to full blast music videos demands which makes the display pointless. The biggest issue is my unit has problems being taught a TV remote LG OLED 2017. Maybe these 3 issues can be fixed with a firmware fix? Otherwise very happy with sound quality efficency and tiny size.
    This item was purchased for $399 USD from Worldwide stereo in 2018. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • High sound quality and detail over the dynamic range.
    • Compact size along with auto on digital signal when set up.


    • Volume display all in top 3 lights.
    • Won't learn Lg remote and auto off feature at 30 mins too long.

    Build Quality




    Ease of use




    Audio quality


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