Sony UBP-X700 User Review

  • SunnyIntervals
    Great player, great price
    Review of Sony UBP-X700 UHD Blu-ray Player by SunnyIntervals, Jun 6, 2018.
    Not much to add to the main review, though disagree with the noise complaint. Mine is pretty much silent when in use.

    And yes, it's plastic, but once it's in place , so what?

    Dolby Vision has now arrived and is a bit clunky. You need to turn it on in the setup menu, but doing so switches off 3D playback. Apparently it also sends everything to your TV as DV (I've not tested this myself). So from the sounds of it good want to turn this on for DV movies then off for everything else.

    I'm not particularly bothered, it's better than not having DV at all.
    This item was purchased for 219 from Amazon in 2018. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Quiet
    • Quick to start
    • Looks good!


    • Dolby Vision implementation could be better.
    • Can't see how you add more apps?

    Picture Quality


    Sound Quality




    Ease Of Use


    Build Quality


    Value For Money



    • Bruggelink
      "Apparently it also sends everything to your TV as DV"
      That is true, even blu ray discs are showing "Dolby Vision" on the screen now...
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