Bose QC35 User Review

  • bardel
    Great Noise Cancelling, surprisingly light.
    Review of Bose QC35 Headphones by bardel, Aug 14, 2016.
    I'll start by saying that I'm not a big fan of headphones generally. However, recent circumstances have lead me to need to be able to listen my music whilst I work in a temporary office in the garage at home and also be able to find a working solution for my conference call / phone requirements.

    I trialled these headphones initially at the Regent Street store where I was gobsmacked by the way the trial units they had outside on the street completely removed the hubbub of the high street (it was a traffic free Sunday mind, so no cars / buses). I was also surprised about how light and comfy the QC35's are, particularly with the 20 hours bluetooth / anc engaged quoted battery life.

    When I tried them in store to listen to some music, I wasn't amazed but then to be honest, I've become really fussy with music quality as I've gotten older! With that said, they do sound really good, and well balanced, not overly bassy like some but still with a nice low end performance. I also noted that they don't go particularly loud, so if you're looking to pound your eardrums, these aren't for you.

    With that said, I've found using the headphones wire free so much nicer when working around my desk, I can get up and pace about a bit and stretch without the worry of wires, and any background noises are completely absent, which means you don't need excessive volume.

    Being able to connect to multiple bluetooth devices at the same time is great also, allowing me to connect to both my laptop and iPhone at the same time, meaning iTunes, Skype, Voip phone and mobile calls all come through to the headphones without any action on my part. Sometimes it can be a bit frustrating if the phone rings when I'm on a conference call on Skype as the phone seems to take preference and disconnects me from the audio in the Skype call, maybe I can configure that somewhere, but I'm sure it will catch me out the other way around too.

    All told, I'm glad I purchased, these, they will be perfect for travel, whether on a train or plane although walking around with headphones this size is not for me, for the current generation they're probably perfectly acceptable, although I'd be extra careful if walking near roads with the ANC.

    One thing I would say is that the mic for conference calls is very sensitive, receivers on the other end have said that my voice is very clear but the downside is they can now hear me typing frantically much more than they could before and also when a car goes past this is very evident to them also which is a shame.
    This item was purchased for £289.95 from Rayleigh Hifi in 2016. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Great Active Noise Cancelling
    • Lightweight and Comfortable
    • Very good battery life
    • Nice even sound


    • A little expensive
    • Overly sensitive microphone for calls

    Build Quality


    Ease of Use




    Design and usability


    Sound Quality


    Value For Money



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