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  • Glenzo
    Great movie, not a true 4K disc. Faux K.
    Review of Life of Pi UHD Blu-ray by Glenzo, Nov 6, 2016.
    Great film. Ang Lee really pulls out all the stops in moviemaking to provide us with 2 hours of pure storytelling and visual enertainment.

    Let's get the false advertising out of the way and not pussy foot around. I hate false advertising with a passion and personally having bought a Sony HDR 4K Projector and a Panasonic UB900 ready for 4K, I'm pissed at the studios with Faux K and not the real deal. It's really a rigged system! Sorry had to say that!!:lesson:

    The film is released here as a 4K Ultra HD. It's sourced from a 2K Digital Intermediate, so in essence a Blu Ray movie with a wider colour gamut and higher bit rate. You could say it's like a Superbit Blu Ray Disc.

    The best PQ scenes are the live action ones devoid of CGI. The quality is excellent but not IMO not reference quality, for Blu Ray yes, for UHD Blu Ray, NO! With better 4K res titles available like the current 4K reference title for PQ, 'Lucy', shot I believe on 4K and on 4K UHD as advertised.

    I'm not a big fan of 3D. However given that this movie was shot in 3D, it is a showpiece indeed, I believe the best way Life of Pi is to be watched is in 3D. I was amazed seeing it on my 106" screen on the format. It's up there with the likes of Gravity.

    The sound is excellent throughout the movie. Great dialogue, quiet when it should be with loud and thunderous bass when the action calls for it.

    Extras wise, we're getting the average rated 'same as', carried over from the Blu Ray release.

    I love this film and hope they do re-issue it again on the new 4K UHD format from a 4K master and maybe given that it was a pinnacle in 3D they could include that in a collector's edition. In the meantime I would advise folks to stick to the 2 Disc Blu Ray version.

    Thanks for reading
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    • Top 2K picture.
    • Great Audio
    • High Bit rate for Audio and Video (probably)


    • Not true 4K, sourced from a 2K Master.
    • False Advertising



    Picture Quality


    Sound Quality





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