Forza Horizon 4 User Review

  • D1gita1
    Great game but still missing potential.
    Review of Forza Horizon 4 Xbox One Game by D1gita1, Jan 20, 2019.
    I bought the first Horizon game and was massively disappointed. I skipped the next two and got this one because the deal on xbox game pass was too good to miss. The game is undeniably very well made, and I prefer the game graphically to the standard Forza sim racing titles, but I just don't love it.

    Back in the days of original xbox, there was a game call Test Drive unlimited, and to this day that was still a better game in my eyes. Its over ten years since that game died, yet cruising around and bumping into ransoms was just better. The game increased its scope beyond just car racing, you could buy houses and run clubs from there, you could visit car dealerships that you had to find in order to purchase cars, there was a casino, and you could drive anywhere which Horizon took ages to implement.

    I got bored of Horizon 4 very quickly, despite it being being an undeniably well made game. I just don't feel the sense of community and feel a map and game like this could have so much more going on in it. No doubt most people into car games will love this, but the Horizon series has yet to impress me on anything other than a technical level.
    This item was purchased for 0.00 from Xbox games pass in 2018. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Great graphics
    • Smooth gameplay mechanics


    • The potential to increase the scope of this game is huge but unrealised









    Single Player







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