Bose QC35 User Review

  • alexx
    Great for travelling and amazing noise cancellation
    Review of Bose QC35 Headphones by alexx, Oct 6, 2016.
    Firstly I never leave reviews... so thats how much I care about leaving this one!

    I'm a web developer and travel quite a bit with work and end up in noisy temporary environments where I have to concentrate. I'll be honest I didn't really know anyone made noise cancelling headphones and I was sceptical before hearing them.

    At the airport one day my in ear cheap headphones so went to pick up some others and made the mistake of placing the QC35's on my head and 10 minutes later walked out with a pair!

    I do think they are pricey but every time I put them on you feel the quality of them and I literally get blown away with how good they are at cancelling the noise out. It makes flying on an airplane a more enjoyable experience... even if you're not listening to music!

    So how do they perform? My ears aren't audiophile quality but I do have a pair of Grado SR80's which get knocked out of the water. You may say thats to be expected given these are nearly 3x the price... but the Grado has no tricks or bluetooth so I'd imagine the speaker tech is fairly matched pound for pound.

    The sound quality of the Bose I'd say is detailed and enjoyable enough to revisit songs and pick up on new sounds which brings a smile to your face. They are very very immersive and also perfectly at home watching movies too.

    The bass isn't "heavy" but it is there and balanced - if you're wanting to rattle your skull with bass then these certainly aren't the headphones.

    I've literally had the QC35s on my head for 8+ hours a day and my ears / head doesn't get tired at all... (I can normally only manage an hour or 2 with the grados).

    The battery life is super impressive which is key for me as I'm not a fan of remembering to recharge gadgets!

    I'd say they are a game changer for me and I can't see myself ever going back to standard headphones. If I wanted better audio quality at home then maybe but the perks of these make them so flexible I'll probably just stick with bluetooth and noise cancelling headphones from now on.

    The bluetooth seems strong too and the distance is fairly impressive... however it appears apple devices can be a bit hit and miss... what I mean by that is my macbook seems to have a super strong bluetooth connection - where as with the iphone if I cover the right ear cup with my hand it can lose the signal until I move my hand... I guess the bluetooth side of the iphone just isn't that strong or possibly faulty?

    I'm waffling.... but I'd say if you're on the fence then line up your favourite tunes and go and demo some... I've had them nearly 2 months now and still grinning.
    This item was purchased for £275 from PC World in 2016. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • noise cancellation
    • quality of build
    • battery life


    • would like a slightly a deeper base
    • maybe not great with iphone bluetooth (or maybe a local issue with mine)

    Build Quality


    Ease of Use




    Design and usability


    Sound Quality


    Value For Money



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