Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi User Review

  • emptycup
    Great for Star Wars Fans
    Review of Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi Movie by emptycup, Dec 24, 2017.
    It is difficult to review this without spoilers so all that I will say is that the usual themes that recur throughout the saga are all here but not necessarily in the way you may expect. The slight twists on what we come to expect from a Star Wars plot I thought was very welcome as it needed quite a jolt in the plot lines after Ep. VII's stunning but average plot (basically a bigger Death Star all over again).

    The Last Jedi pays homage to Empire Strikes back in plotting due to the focus on the downtrodden rebels and I thought it was nice to see that it wasn't all about the Skywalker plot for a change. Po has a huge role to play in this with Finn and new character Rose. There were times where I felt the film started to stray into a slightly bloated plot (The Monte Carloesque scene which is obviously a ticklist cantina scene) but just about manages to stay on the right side of things by the end.

    Visually it is stunning (seen on IMAX 3D). SPace dogfights, planetary dogfights, lightsabre duels all look and feel exciting. It was quite a long film but I was hooked for its entirety.

    On a side note the cameos are fairly subtle this time but a quick snoop on google lets you know who was where. It also has quite a number of light hearted funny moments which does nto detract from the heavy feel of the film and actually captyures some of the feel of the original trilogy.

    It will never convince a sceptic to come into the Star Wars fold but for everyone else it is essential to see at the cinema. The rolling plot intro into the stars will always get the hairs my neck on end.

    In summary, awesome film which has a very slightly bloated/messy middle which has an epic final third.


    • Visually stunning
    • Interesting plot turns different to what Star Wars fans expect
    • All characters have something to do
    • No Jar Jar
    • Nice amount of light hearted comedy included
    • Some nice comedic elements


    • Almost a bit flabby in the middle


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