KEF T 305 User Review

  • heyho
    Great for films, not bad for music and TV listening
    Review of KEF T 305 Speaker by heyho, Aug 3, 2016.
    I thought I'd provide my two penneth worth for the Kef T205's having now had them up and running for around 3 months.

    They are situated in a 'typical' living room (around 15ftx15ft). The rears are ear height wall mounted, the fronts on the floor and the centre on a shelf around 3ft high. They are powered by a Denon amp that came with the package.

    I previously had Kef Q series fronts and centre, Kef Eggs rear and a Kef sub powered by a Sony amp.

    Visually these speakers are striking given how slim they are especially the rear wall mounts where there is not a single cable to be seen. Maybe if I was nit picking a bit I would have liked the option to remove the grill - nothing nicer that to see a speaker in the flesh as it were.

    I have three main requirements, watching films, listening to music and watching tv. I spent a lot of time tweaking with the amps built in Audyssey settings before reverting back to the Audyssey default.

    So what are my views:

    (1) Films

    Very impressive indeed. Theres a much great depth I feel and also clarity. I like to play the opening scene of Batman dark night rises to see how much the house trembles or that hook clinks. I certainly feel these speakers live up to all expectations here. I was especially pleased with the balance of the sub.

    (2) Music

    I normally use a Squeezebox to play 320kbps or FLAC recordings. Hmmmmmm, if you simply switch over to music (the amp moves to 2.1) from the general setup (which as I have mentioned is great for films) you get too much bass which makes listening rather tiring to be honest. A quick manual tweak and lowering of the base and things improve significantly although I would say there is no real improvement to my previous speaker/amp setup. But passable and cranking up the volume (luckily I live in a detached house) shows no distortion at all.

    I like to play a song off the Moby Play album which has real deep bass reverbs. My previous setup was almost painful how deep it got (and it sounded awesome may I add) but a lot of this has now gone if you try and reduce the 'tiredness.'

    (3) TV

    Now here for me is the let down. Or maybe its because I was used to that Key Q9000 centre. There is just that little bit to much boom still plus narrative (news etc), well let me be diplomatic and say its a lot different. Probably the clarity is much more defined on HD channels that can produce better audio. I don't know. It's one area I find myself reaching to the remote and tweaking the settings for over an over again.

    So what is my over all impression.

    Visually these are stunning and modernistic. They are also good for sound but do vary depending on what source you have. Am I pleased with them - yes I am but I can't see me stopping playing about with the settings to try and achieve a global sound that is listenable in all modes.

    Sound Quality


    Build Quality


    Value For Money



    • rhino2k
      Thanks for your review, Interesting to see one pop up here :)

      I recently Purchased the V300 set (which uses T301s) and a 101C.

      With only the V300 amp in place, It was not great. When I utilised my sub they were awesome for music! However, It is not great using my Denon amp!

      So I can only assume much tweaking is needed for music, Obviously the included KEF amp has been made purely for these so I would expect it to be rather good.

      They will never replace traditional speakers for music but for movies they are very good as you pointed out. Also they look fantastic!
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