Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons User Review

  • TJP75
    Great experience; short on replay value
    Review of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons PC Game by TJP75, Nov 27, 2013.
    I bought Brothers: A tale of two sons after reading quite a few rave reviews by posters on the world's largest gaming forum NeoGAF. I knew the story was heavily scripted and would lack replay value as a result (although one can miss quite a few achievements in a playthough for those who put stock in such things) but the fact this was a Starbreeze game meant I'd buy it ASAP.

    I know Starbreeze is a shell of its former grand self with the founding members forming Machine Games in 2009 but I still enjoyed the post-Riddick output.

    I wasn't disappointed at all; very nice graphics and art design, controlling both characters with the analog sticks (via Xbox for Windows controller) made sense after 15 minutes, the story was very good, perhaps a touch heavy handed with emotions at times and whilst the puzzles weren't taxing in the slightest, they never got in the way of the story progressing.

    I found the experience quite moving at times and the ending left me thinking about for a few days after I'd completed the story.

    The downside to any heavily scripted game is a lack of replayability and Brothers is no different. It's also short (I took 3.5 hours to 100% complete the game) if you do not look for the little optional extras that are hidden in the achievements.
    This item was purchased for $14 USD from Steam in 2013. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Very good story, controls are easy to come to grips with, beautiful art design.


    • Game length and replay value.









    Single Player





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