Yamaha YAS-107 User Review

  • FlyingAnorak
    Good sound but problems with Panasonic / Sky
    Review of Yamaha YAS-107 Soundbar by FlyingAnorak, Jan 1, 2018.
    I was tempted by the Curry's promotion and good reviews on here, but unfortunately I had to take mine back as try as I may, I could not get it to play nicely with my new Panasonic TX750 LED and Sky etc. As per various posts in the AV Forums on here my problem was that if I connected my Sky box to the soundbar and then into the TV (via the ARC HMDI cable or optical audio) we had major synch issues on most channels such as BBC1 & Dave etc. If I connected all of my HDMI devices to the TV and then output the TV to the soundbar via the ARC channel, the Viera Cast did not work and I had to control the soundbar and TV speakers independently.

    So sadly I went back to my old Panasonic Sound Stage as an interim pending finding a suitable set of speakers to use with the Denon Amplifier.

    I wanted to like this for all the reasons given in the reviews but beware, it seems that I'm not alone in having issues with this Sky and a Panasonic telly!
    This item was purchased for £150 (Currys offered from Currys in 2017. The reviewer replaced this with the product Denon AVR 2400.


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    • Synch Issues with Sky
    • Lack of HDMI inputs
    • Viera Cast Issues

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