Sony STR-DN1080 User Review

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    Good sound but bad compatibility
    Review of Sony STR-DN1080 AV Receiver by AVStas, Mar 15, 2018.
    As I'm not really a sound expert I will not touch this area. To my mind sound is very good, can decode all formats, like DTS, Atmos and so on.

    It also has nice setup menu and OSD info with fancy icons.

    But what was my big problem, which leads basically to returning the receiver back to store is very bad HDMI CEC support. My system is not that complex - Panasonic 58DX903, 2 mediaplayers and chromecast.

    First very annoying issue - when switched on over HDMI over some time it goes to "Home" menu. The time is enough for me to switch to player and start a video - and in this moment Home menu appears. Very annoying. Even more annoying due to the fact that receiver can not be controlled from TV remote via CEC (at least with Panasonic TV, but Denon for instance has no issues with this).

    Second issue I've found when connected one of the players to Video1 HDMI port. When I select this player on TV CEC menu receiver switches to sa-CD/CD input istead of Video1. Other sorces connected to Video2 and BD inputs work properly. I've tried to use Game input - same issue. After that I gave up and connected 2nd player to SA-CD input and now receiver is happy.

    I also should mention that if you rename the input very often when switching or going back from Home menu receiver shows first the original name, and after a second or two changes it to customized name. Not really a big issue, but for receiver with this price such software glitches already not acceptable

    And the most important CEC issue - the volume adjusting is not working via CEC (again, at least with Panasonic TV). I've tried everything what is only possible - no success. TV shows that it adjusting the volume on home cinema receiver, but nothing happens. With Denon AVR X3100 there was no issue.

    This was the most important issue to return receiver back.
    This item was purchased for 569 euro from in 2018. The reviewer replaced this with the product Yamaha RX-V683.


    • Good Sound
    • Easy and fast setup
    • Many possible speaker configurations supported


    • Annoying Home menu appears unrequested regulary
    • Bad HDMI CEC support

    Sound Quality






    Build Quality


    Value For Money



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