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  • brantuk
    Good political thriller
    Review of Miss Sloane Blu-ray by brantuk, Oct 17, 2017.
    Refreshingly novel movie and great to see the machinations of politics from the lobbyist point of view. Not surprising to find that laws are rarely governed by common sense and wisdom, but more by the interests of giant corporations, their resources, and the corruptibility of politicians. Very exciting as the story unfolds revealing one morally dubious trick after another at each twist and turn so well acted out by one of my favourite female stars.
    The story really doesn't need a 4k uhd 11.1.4 atmos setup to be thoroughly enjoyable - I dare say it would be just as enthralling in black and white with a 2.0 soundtrack. Bluray in 5.1 is fine.
    My only reservation was that Jessica (imho) is just a bit too sweet, small, and squeezable, to thoroughly convince as the cutthroat, merciless, protagonist. I would've preferred to see someone like Julia Roberts or Nicole Kidman - or even (dare I suggest in this daft age of political correctness) a male actor for this story.
    Get it or regret it is my verdict. :)
    This item was purchased for £14.99 from Amazon in 2017. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Fabulous political thriller
    • Refreshingly new story line
    • Great acting


    • None really - loved it.
    • Maybe a tad short on extras?



    Picture Quality


    Sound Quality





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