Cambridge Audio Azur 651BD User Review

  • mikemag
    Good, nearly great.
    Review of Cambridge Audio Azur 651BD Blu-ray Player by mikemag, Apr 11, 2015.
    I suppose good is a bit mean, but considering the price I expected to be thrilled and amazed on all fronts, just as I was by the Denon 2500BT that this unit replaced.

    The player itself is sturdy and well built, but the remote wouldn't look out of place on a £50 player from Aldi. Also, would built in wi-fi be too much to ask for nowadays ?

    Disc loading times are adequate and the picture quality for both DVDs and Blu Rays is excellent. The player is multi region for DVD straight out of the box. I don't have a 3D capable projector so I can't comment on the 651's abilities in this section.

    Audio wise, the 651 is also an excellent performer, so long as you feed it movies with DTS soundtracks, but unfortunately, the biggest weakness of this player for me is that it just doesn't like certain Dolby True HD encoded discs. I've experienced audio dropouts on the Total Recall remake, Monsters University and most recently, the IMAX version of Star Trek Into Darkness from the Star Trek Compendium set. This led to a long running but ultimately unsuccessful chat with CA Customer Service, who admitted there was a problem, but weren't going to release any firmware update to solve it. Changing the Audio Out to PCM instead of Bitstream is a partial fix, but, harking back to the price of the thing, not a particularly satisfying one.
    This item was purchased for £500 from Richer Sounds in 2013. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Build quality.
    • Picture quality.


    • Horrible remote.
    • Audio issues.

    Picture Quality


    Sound Quality




    Ease Of Use


    Build Quality


    Value For Money



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