Sony KD-43X8305C User Review

  • ninjag
    Good image quality and vocal audio quality but let down by Android OS.
    Review of Sony KD-43X8305C LED LCD TV by ninjag, Aug 1, 2016.
    I like how Sony handles the image quality and it blends dark areas well, you do need to make some tweaks with the settings and I recommend disabling the auto contrast settings otherwise you can get a strange flickering with the blacks in high contrast scenes. This was particularly noticable in a scene from AGENTS of Shield where the room was pitch black except for a person sitting in a chair who was brightly lit. The black background flickered which I believe is something to do with the TV turning the backlight off completely.

    Upscaling is excellent, even from SD Virgin feeds and DVDs and noise reduction isn't overdone keeping the picture sharp. Colours can be a little warm and I often found setting it to Cool would produce more realistic skin tones.

    Audio quality isn't too bad for a TV, there's the expected lack of bass but the Clear Audio really helps lift vocal clarity which is good for quiet late night viewing and not wanting to wake the kids up.

    Four HDMI ports is a blessing and really should be standard these days. What with how many devices people have these days even three HDMI ports can be filled up quickly. Unfortunately, the placement of the HDMI ports at the side which then involves having to bend the HDMI cable back on itself and downwards to the cable tidy at the bottom centre puts a lot of strain on the HDMI ports and it can quickly become quite loose with the connector coming slightly out of the port. Buying some right angle adpaters can help solve this but mind to get the correct orientation.

    The Android OS is where the TV fails. The remote and OS is sluggish, even bringing up the Source Input menu is slow. Apps often freeze such as Daily Motion and cause the TV to restart. For reference I run a 150Mbps internet connection which often achieves speeds slightly higher than this.

    Another area of disappointment is reading hard drives. The Sony was able to play everything I threw at it including 140MBps 4K footage, however, if you hard drive has a lot of folders the TV can take a long time to read it before displaying any files. The Panasonic TX49DX600B is almost instantaneous.

    Also, when logging into your google account in the TV I noticed my phone was going from 80% battery to completely dead overnight. After some investigation is transpired that the TV was communicating with my phone overnight, turning on the screen and wifi and Googe Play in particular was zapping a lot of the the battery. There may be a way to prevent this but I returned the TV before finding out.

    The remote control design is also not the best with the four way navigation and centre button being difficult to find and use without having to look at the remote. Each of the four way buttons has a raised dimple but the centre button is smooth, but this somehow makes it difficult to find your bearings and it would be better if the centre button had the dimple. They are also not separated from other buttons making it easy to press the wrong button by accident - typically the Netflix shortcut button, although I find with remotes the Netflix button is "conveniently" located where you may press it by accident!

    I ended up returning the TV because of the loose HDMI port and the sluggish OS with the numerous restarts which is a shame because the image quality was very good and the clear audio made late night viewing very comfortable.
    This item was purchased for £540 from Richer Sounds in 2016. The reviewer replaced this with the product Panasonic TX-49DX600B.


    • Good image quality
    • Clear vocals
    • Good looking TV
    • 4 HDMI ports


    • HDMI port locations encourage stress on the ports
    • Sluggish Android OS
    • Sluggish Remote Control response and poor Remote Control layout
    • TV Randomly restarts

    Contrast/Dynamic Range/Black Level


    Screen Uniformity


    Colour Accuracy


    Greyscale Accuracy


    Video Processing


    2D Picture Quality


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    Picture Quality Calibrated


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    Smart Features


    Build Quality


    Ease Of Use


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