Bayan Audio SoundScene User Review

  • Gabe
    Good enough
    Review of Bayan Audio SoundScene Hi-Fi Speaker by Gabe, Jan 25, 2017.
    I wanted a portable speaker to use around the home, mainly for when I'm working on my cars, in the garden or in my shed / workshop. The design of the sound scene fitted the bill, in fact you couldn't do better for this application i.e. very robust with its silicone top and bottom shell, not forgetting its water resistant quality.
    The sound quality is "there abouts". The best one I tried prior was the Bose sound link mini however it didn't have the volume but the quality of sound through the range was brilliant. I tried an LG 360 that was good too but again not loud enough. The sound scene sounds best at 2/3rd volume. If it had a little more base i would score it a 9. An additional sub woofer would be a good idea to include when using a multi speaker set up.
    With regards to value (under £100 at Costco) you cant go wrong!

    This item was purchased for £95 from Costco. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Value, Rugged, simple, charging port, as big as you want for portability


    • Needs a little more base to match its look

    Build Quality




    Sound Quality


    Ease of Use





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