Jurassic World Steelbook User Review

  • QuestShield
    Good but not a patch on the original
    Review of Jurassic World Steelbook Blu-ray by QuestShield, Oct 18, 2015.
    The amusement park is in full swing, everyone's having a great time, the genetically enhanced dinosaur escapes, then the fun begins..
    Well made sequel by Colin Trevorrow, with terrific effects and well directed action sequences. Chris Pratt once again proves his leading man chops in this kind of thing, just staying on the right side of blandness. Nice to see Vincent D'Onofrio too even though he's playing the badly written clichéd evil military man. Some clever nods to the original too. It's a good film but, I don't know..the film just didn't grab me. It's like all the ingredients were there but the spark was missing. My wife agreed too, thinking it not a patch on the original. I think part of the problem was I didn't care about the characters in peril. I didn't like the 2 privileged kids, didn't like their aunt..the only character who made an impression was Chris Pratt's. Hell, I cared more more for some of the dinosaurs than the human characters. Also the plot was so bloomin' predictable.
    It looked and sounded stunning, though I thought the 3D would be better. Good depth and all but not much jumping out of the TV.
    Overall worth a watch. 6/10


    • Excellent audio
    • Excellent video


    • 3D not that great



    Picture Quality


    Sound Quality





    • James Thomas 75
      Pretty much sums my opinion of the movie when I saw it at the cinema in 3D.

      But being the mug I am for anything that's even remotely likely to look good on my new Samsung TV; I bit the bullet and ordered it :)

      Hopefully the 2D version is just as good PQ wise!
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