Big Game User Review

  • Garrett
    Good Basic Plot, Albeit A Cut And Paste One, Execution Silly
    Review of Big Game Movie by Garrett, Dec 11, 2016.
    I started out to watch Sherlock Homes on Prime but even allowing for him to be a master of martial arts seemed, one thing but later seemed like a spoof and though I watch at a later date.
    I then saw Big Game was available now and thought I give that a go seemed like a something ok.
    I too thought it was a take on Cliffhanger meets Air-force one(reading some comments after watching).
    It was highly coincidental that they get an expert in
    who happens to be the one behind the plot
    in the war room. And those in the war room sounded a right of inadequate's, who would need a road map to find where to wipe there bottoms. The President seemed cut of the same cloth and a coward.
    I wonder if the same people that made that freezer were the same ones that made the one in The Crystal Skull:D
    Seems funny the kid shot with the arrow one moment terrible, the next good back again terrible and then worthy of Hawkeye.
    Also funny a terrorist knows how know ins and outs of high tech weaponry yet
    doesn't know he had to cock the gun
    I would imagine the book this was based on to be in the children's section of the library.

    Watchable, nice scenery, good basic plot, but silly stuff surrounding it, 5/10


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