The Walk User Review

  • Ripsnorter
    Given we all know the outcome already...
    Review of The Walk Movie by Ripsnorter, Oct 2, 2015.
    ... this is a very watchable film, although anyone with a fear of heights or suffering from vertigo (No, they are not the same thing!) should stay well away from it. I can't fault Steve's review in any shape or form, although at times I was admiring more the production techniques involved (direction, script construction, camerawork, editing, set design etc.) than the events onscreen themselves. Scored purely on this basis the film deserves higher than the 7 I've given it, but taken as a whole, it failed to grip me. If you want the full-on effect, then see it in IMAX, but if the 3D process alone makes you nauseous as it is, then you might want to take a plastic bag along with you, just in case!


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