Sony KD-65X8505C User Review

  • pro2ton
    Getting better every update, but still improvements necessary
    Review of Sony KD-65X8505C LED LCD TV by pro2ton, Aug 25, 2016.

    I am very satisfied with this TV although there are always improvements that can be made.
    Display is very good imho. Before I had a Panasonic Viera plasma and a Pioneer plasma monitor, both 50" size. This display pleases me just as much. After playing around with the settings I optimised it to my wishes.
    The sound is good as well, thanks to the sub I think. I have the TV connected to my Anthem audio set, but hardly use it in combination with this. Only when watching movies I take the effort to do so.
    Watching movies is fun with the integrated Android, specially after installing the Kodi app. Subtitles are easily found on the internet..
    There is one real disadvantage of this TV I think. That is the power consumption in standby modus: 30 Watts (the TV consumes more during its standby time than the playing time!!). This is independent of whether you select the tv to be accessible over the network when it's off or not. This can be done using the available app for Android and iOs. This app combines the remote with a tv guide. The latter doesn't know all the available channels, at least not in The Netherlands.
    Since the last update the second sat tuner is available and recording to a usb disk as well. Slowly everything ends up ok.
    This item was purchased for €1750 from Ebay,Smits Video Arnhem Netherlands in 2015. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • good display and sound
    • mediacentre works nice
    • netflix integrated
    • many connections


    • far too high power consumption in standby
    • not every app available in the Android store
    • channel switching takes time (sat)
    • RF remote not that functional (compared to LG Magic Remote)


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