Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens 3D Collector's Edition User Review

  • crypticc
    fun and worth watching again at home but reveals some flaws of the original 2d transfer
    Review of Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens 3D Collector's Edition Blu-ray by crypticc, Nov 1, 2016.

    The 3d star wars shows up the original poor transfer. Contrary to some reviews I believe there is DVD-like compression throughout that makes me wonder if Disney are holding back the good source to make the 4k transfer seem better and a must-buy sometime in the future.
    All my feedback except the last few points are also easily visible on original 2d blu ray so perhaps this isn't a complaint to be leveled against the 3d version.

    Grass colours in the scene where Ray, Hans etc are walking into the Maz's palace are off. and there's evident black crush everywhere. e.g. inside the new death star, Maz's palace and especially noticeable on Kylo Ren cape. This is easiest seen when she first meets Kylo Re in the jungle, but also when Bo is interrogated.
    Throughout there's nice film grain, which when 2d is fine. But when it is presented in 3d and both eyes get the same grain it can be a distraction, e.g. in desert scenes. I believe that natively filmed 3d smooths out that effect as each eye is getting different grain.
    More amusingly BB8 forever changing aerial (wire to white CB aerial and back) also makes its presence known more easily when in 3d

    Unique to the 3d version you can see definite conversion quality differences between conversion of key close up scenes and key action sequences that are presumably done by hand and some linking scenes from a distance that could have been rendered by another team. There's also occasional single frames of white that blipped in and out but maybe my display, however these were still visible on a rewind.

    There is a defined sea change halfway in my eyes. Literally after they meet with the rebels the detail on the clothes, the black levels, dark reflections on the floor of the battle star, everything improves. It may just be the traditional optics in (middle distance) darker scenes struggle as those are the scenes that i had issues with.
    There's a brief lots of resolution again on Ray's face when she's being interrogated. And when Han behind to walk across the bridge (from a distance) I see that on both 2d and 3d discs.

    That said. And perhaps it didn't come across as positively as I meant. This is a good 3d conversion of a good reboot movie that is shot well and the 3d is a sympathetic addition to the collection. I especially love the focus on physical props and models rather than CGI everywhere. E.g. in the cantina.

    Also most of these artifacts were also all on the cinema screening I saw so can be forgiven.
    It is fun and worth watching again at home in 3d, if only for the flight scenes.

    This item was purchased for £13 from Amazon in 2016. The reviewer still owns this product.


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