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  • Coz22998
    For those that thought the likes of Crank was a little......wussy
    Review of Hardcore Henry Movie by Coz22998, Aug 4, 2016.
    And then we have this. A 90 min pov videogame masquerading as a film that surely is all mouth, no trousers. After 3 hours of the also recently released Batman v Superman, this was a total and complete joyous breath of fresh air! The director set himself some rules (the film will be pov only) and from there had to make 90 mins be interesting. And boy did he! Plot is not what you come here for - cyber soldier wakes up with no memory and as he's being activated, his wife is kidnapped and he's on the run from some superhuman goon and his army - but unlike BvS, this is completely coherent within its own universe and any plot you need is explained, whilst any you don't is done away with.

    What is utterly brilliant about this (seriously, it is) is the way the creative team behind it made each minute more interesting than the one before it. As we get the initial dust up showing pov fighting, everything from there takes it up a notch - we get a stunning motorbike assault on a moving convoy that had you whooping like you did a certain Mr Wick in a certain nightclub. Then imagine the end of Expendables 3 as it should have been and then imagine the burly brawl told with wit and invention (and a little Mario-style platforming!) and you start to get an idea of a few of the plot beats here.

    Its funny as hell too - we spy a horse and the classic theme from The Big Country kicks in before, well, lets just say it ends hilariously. Theres little gags like this peppered through the whole film, not to mention the wit of some of the set pieces. Its gory as hell too - heads explode, limbs are wrenched, faces pummelled, you name it its all here. Plus for all you videogame nerds out there, there's a whole section that is what a VR All Ghillied Up must look like.

    Finally, and I cant say enough good things about this film and its director, its clever too - there is a scene with Sharlto Copley (who is hilarious in this) that segues from a sci-fi song and dance number with multiple characters all seguing into one another than turns into a fight sequence that is simply one of the best sci-fi scenes I've seen in a long time.

    Please don't dismiss this as a brainless, one trick pony. I saw more here that had me whooping and a hollering than the whole of the previous 3 hrs (see above). Its totally thrilling stuff and this is so highly recommended, I want to go and watch it straight again. Oh, unless you suffer from motion sickness....then you may struggle!!!

    Watching this on the recent EiV blu-ray, the picture quality aint great....but given it was filmed on tiny go pros, its forgiven. Honestly the camera never stops long enough for you to look at the picture quality. Its serviceable, but never good. But that matters not one jot. The 5.1 DTS-HD MA track though is another thing of beauty - those sounds fly around you at the same pace as the visuals and to say that the sound keeps up with the images is doing both a massive service. Its huge fun. The only extras were a commentary so...you know. Next!

    Summary - I expected nothing from this, but honestly its witty, clever and a massive amount of fun, packed with superb scenes of utter carnage that will leave you smiling like a fool. This is what good action cinema should do. The transfer is up to snuff too (picture aside but that's a trade off I'm willing to take given the nature of the film). This is a mahoosive recommendation to lovers of action. So...most people then. But take that motion sickness warning seriously....its a bit mad!!!!


    • Uber violence to make you titter
    • A wit to it that smacks you off guard
    • I wanted to watch it again the minute it finished!


    • Those who suffer from motion sickness may feel a little, we, quesy


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