XTZ Spirit 11 User Review

  • bottomprice
    Extremely much speaker for the bucks
    Review of XTZ Spirit 11 Hi-Fi Speaker by bottomprice, Jun 3, 2017.
    Extremely good solid speaker in its price range and up to allmost double its price.
    Extremely good and deep bass brilliantly handle voices Maybe lacks a little bit clarity if you are playing classichal music with too many instruments. But extremely good allaround speaker
    It really shines when it comes to like folklore and music from the 60 70 and 80 old school rock and even punk. It has a warm sound. Extremely good booth as stereo speaker or as fronts in a Home Cinema Setup. You allmost dont need a center or a subwoofer whith these speakers
    And you definitly not need as big subwoofer whith these speakers as your fronts.


    • Warm Sound
    • Deep good Bass
    • Clarity of voices


    • Maybe lacks a little bit of clarity with mostly some classical music

    Build Quality




    Sound Quality


    Ease of Use





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