Pioneer SC-LX58 User Review

  • triseros
    Extremely frustrating receiver to live with if your configuration is not standard...
    Review of Pioneer SC-LX58 AV Receiver by triseros, Nov 20, 2014.
    This receiver is OK if you have a basic set up and even then its not easy to configure - it took two receivers (because the engineer thought the first one must be broken) and two full days to get just the main zone working properly.

    Even then it was not possible to configure the HD Zone 2 to work with sound (the zone has to be set up using the amp or passthrough setting for the main zone) - as a result no sound upstairs or sound upstairs and downstairs using TV speakers.

    Eventually sent it back and exchanged for a Denon X5200W - what a breath of fresh air that was - 30 minutes set up with 5.1.2 Atmos set up, ZONE 2 running HD in the bedroom and ZONE 3 running sound in the kitchen.

    Sound seems far richer and even the wife can use the app!
    This item was purchased for 1399 from RicherSounds in 2014. The reviewer replaced this with the product Denon X5200W.


    • can't think of any that set it apart


    • difficult to set up
    • Zone management is restricted
    • no integrated wifi


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