Astell&Kern Junior User Review

  • Captain Ron
    Excellent portable hidef music player.
    Review of Astell&Kern Junior Portable Player by Captain Ron, Mar 31, 2016.
    I've had one of these for a while now and it's excellent. If I had one gripe it's that the gapless playback is quite easy to disable by accidentally touching the gapless on/off icon on the screen which is what I suspect the reviewer may have done. They should really have that toggle in the setup menu and not on the main screen. Who actually wants "gappy" playback anyway? I've never been able to figure that out. I think a player should reproduce an album or compilation exactly as is and as I listen to a lot of music where one track blends seamlessly into another (Stephen Wilson, Pink Floyd etc) gapless playback is essential to me and i'd notice unintended gaps.

    The metal case edges are brutally sharp so the proper AKjr protective jacket is a bit of an essential IMO. Sound quality wise this thing is a complete revelation. Especially if you like me come from listening to an ipod for portable audio duties. Lossless flac rips from CD sound identical to the CD, 24bit stereo audio transfers from bluray sound superbly rich and detailed.

    The headphone output is indeed VERY powerful with not a trace of hiss or noise from the electronics during silences. The headphone port can also be set to be a line out and with it hooked up to my hifi using a decent 3mm to stereo phono cable it's indistinguishable playing a lossless bluray 24bit stereo audio transfer than playing the same direct from a bluray.

    I pair mine with a set of Shure in-ears when on the move and together they give me that big hifi feeling wherever I travel. :)

    I got my AKjr (and case) from Audiologica UK. Excellent company and service.
    This item was purchased for £430 (£399 for playe from Audiologica UK in 2015. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Excellent sound and build quality for the price.
    • Powerful noise free headphone out / line out.


    • Touch screen interface could be slicker in design and operation.
    • Case edges are very sharp so the optional case is a necessity IMO.

    Build Quality


    Sound Quality





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