Oppo UDP-203 User Review

  • DSP316
    Every bit uniquely Oppo!
    Review of Oppo UDP-203 UHD Blu-ray Player by DSP316, Dec 22, 2016.
    its hard to beat an original but the UDP-203 does just that. It's every bit Oppo right from the packing to the detailed paper instruction manual and it's sleek professional external metal black finish. I was fortunate to purchase one from the first preorder batch and it shipped on time. They had enclosed a DVD-R disk with the latest firmware update which I did first and again, step by step instruction was printed and enclosed. Note that during the firmware upgrade the tray will eject out-do not touch-it will go back in as the player reboots and then wait till the home screen come up before pressing eject. I have the BDP-93 and on comparison I like the minimal display window on the UDP better. The tray is smooth and noiseless in opening and closing and the remote is fabulous with bright white backlit light which comes on as soon as you pick it up. I do not have a Ultra HD TV but playback of Jason Bourne Ultra HD disk showed marvelous details on comparing with a standard blu-ray version of the film on the same display (Panasonic Plasma). For the most part I left the setting as out of the box except I changed the audio output to Bitstream for my receiver which is Atmos and DT-X. There is no PAL or NTSC output selector tab under settings now. The player automatically detects the display type and resolution (if you don't mess with the factory setting) and displays it perfectly (more on that below). I liked the way you can control the volume output of the player itself using its remote. Very fast boot up but one thing I could not understand was why the Bourne Ultra HD disk loads and then shows an 'OK' and unless I press enter at that point the disk does notproceed forward. Of course then it plays flawlessly. As usual these are versatile machines which lend themselves to the enthusiast who has a range of disks from all over the world. With a little help from my friends at jvbdigital I was able to (in about 10 minutes or less) place a small addition inside the machine which enabled playback of anything from anywhere one threw at it. That's when I realized the sophistication of this machine that it detects and plays back the video in the display resolution of the playback monitor so one doesn't have to mess with PAL or NTSC setting changes under settings-indeed no such tab exists in this player. Be sure to follow the instructions to send proper codes from the remote (after you've placed the internal HW mod) so that the change of region is done automatically on the fly inside the player when you put in a disk from across the pond. The network section functions smoothly and the home screens now have an 'Apple TV look'with some gorgeous backgrounds and quite user friendly buttons. I was able to easily playback video from my home computers. Construction is as usual solid and be sure to use the enclosed HDMI cable. I recommend it highly even if it does not have streaming capabilities. Oppo does not disappoint and for the price you pay it is a first class performer. I'm waiting to get my Ultra HD TV when I can afford it to see it in all its blazing glory but even with my Pana Plasma it is gorgeous!
    This item was purchased for $549 from Oppo in 2016. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Sturdy
    • Sleek
    • Great pic and quiet operation


    • No streaming apps
    • Cost

    Picture Quality


    Sound Quality




    Ease Of Use


    Build Quality


    Value For Money



    • Essoman
      Agree entirely, great player, love the ability to watch UHD in full screen on my 75" Sony, only the Oppo can do this.
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