10 Cloverfield Lane User Review

  • Stuart Wright
    Engaging thriller
    Review of 10 Cloverfield Lane Movie by Stuart Wright, Mar 20, 2016.
    Had been pushed by the kids to go see this film because they like Cloverfield so much.
    They were aware that it was going to be very different.
    I found the film to be engaging as the characters developed, though I found that Emmet's character was somewhat unexplored.
    John Goodman put in an extremely impressive performance.
    The last small portion of the film was obviously there to connect us to the Cloverfield universe and felt disconnected from the main portion of the movie. A bit like how From Dusk Till Dawn 'turned' into a different movie altogether in a rather disjointed kind of way.
    I enjoyed the movie, but I wouldn't re-watch it.
    The wife said she wouldn't have paid to see it if she had known the premise.


    • Fine acting performances
    • Gripping and intense atmosphere


    • Disjointed story


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