TP-Link TL-WPA4220KIT User Review

    Don't buy this junk!
    Review of TP-Link TL-WPA4220KIT Home Distribution Product by TPLINK SUCK, Feb 17, 2016.
    I got this unit to help my elderly neighbours extend their network from there leaving room to there bed room. Getting the WIFI clone to work was hard. At the end a gave up and just did it manually. Why it needs a program to login to the extender is strange. At the end you just connect to a web site anyway like all the rest but without a PC you can't make the first connection.

    Ok So i set up the system and isntall the wifi extender in the bedroom behind the TV. That required me to remove the TV and unscrew the mounting so that I can get into the build in cupboard.

    I tested the system and all worked great. Fast TV and fast wifi internet which they then use there Ipad to control there Apple TV.

    A day later I got a call saying they can't connect anymore. The wifi stop working in the bedroom. The TV worked fine but not the WIFI

    So it turns out that this united are defective out the box. The WIFI will stop working 24h after the IP lease expires. The only way to fix that is to turn the power off. Not something that can be done in this setup without a power screwdriver and some time.

    I contacted the TP-Link support but what a joke. Updated the firmware but that does not work.

    In short: It works great for the first day but when the IP lease expires its WIFI stops working and the only way to get this to work is a power reset. This is a known problem that TP-Link will not solve.
    This item was purchased for $110 from LocalPC Shop in 2016. The reviewer replaced this with the product -Link PowerLine AV 500 Wireless N Mini Starter Kit DHP-W311AV.

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    • B210Bandit
      I have exactly the same kit. I, too, could not get the wifi clone working but then when I thought about potential issues with not being able to identify the hand-off of devices between wifi stations (i.e. is it really connected to the strongest signal?) I went with the out-of-the-box settings.

      My wifi has been on for several weeks and is working just fine with no drop offs at all. I have no complaints with this device however anything to do with networking and delving into deep router settings can be hell on earth. I've been though it with Chromecast...
    • Patrick3D
      You seem like a fairly intelligent person so I will simply jump straight to offering advice: Assign all wireless devices static IP addresses at the router and turn off DHCP in the TP-Link device.
    • Stuart Wright
      @B210Bandit If you have a different experience, please write your own review.
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