Samsung UE55JS8500 User Review

  • marktheshark
    Don't Bother
    Review of Samsung UE55JS8500 LED LCD TV by marktheshark, Apr 28, 2016.
    Can I start with this " did the reviewer actually review this tv " Because I purchased this TV and its a mess!!!
    There are so many reflections off the curved screen from things that ordinary people have in their homes like wall lights, lamps, windows etc. it makes this TV impossible to watch unless you take it in to an old coal mine or watch it in a completely dark room.
    The build quality is rubbish, it's flimsy, everything is loose. And as for getting it set up correctly its a waste of time most of the setup menus are disabled.??
    We have an old Sharp 40" OLED which the Samsung was due to replace, we prefer now to watch the old TV.
    The Samsung is now residing in the spare bedroom unplugged and gathering dust.
    And as for PC world where I bought it from they couldn't care less.
    This item was purchased for 1,380 from pc world in 2016. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • It's unplugged


    • Everything.... its rubbish..... Gave it a 1 star it wont let me give it a zero


    • Richdog
      1/10, and the Pro is that it is unplugged? Hardly a mature, informative or objective review.
    • Supafly Boy
      Your review is a complete and utter pile of nonsense. I have this TV and couldn't be happier. This TV has won quite a few awards and is considered one of the best TVs of 2015.
    • Zeeman92
      Superfly Boy, I am going from a 55HU7500 to the above tv and from what I have read these are people with not much sense and I agree with you.

      I always buy from Richer Sounds and their customer service and after sales are second to none! I paid £1799 for my 7500 in December 2014 that was released and tested by What Hi-Fi? at £2300 in August 2014. The above TV was released at £2600 and tested by What Hi-Fi? at £2500.

      Sharp were always a budget TV so if you are happier with Sharp than this then you probably don't know what you are doing. If you had the TV calibrated properly then you would get less glare anyway! TVs roll out the the factory very bright to match lighting in a store and to catch customers eyes but at a home setting this will of course be terrible and most likely give you a headache!
    • Garrett
      I have the non curved version of this the 55JS8000 and highly delighted with it. It was one of the biggest improvements on the last tv I had.
      I did set it to to Mark's setting in the video and although did find it a bit darker than the Natural, which new settings I originally did not like as much, but now I'm use to it I would not go back. And the 4k colour content I've watch is outstanding.
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