ASUS PL-AC56 Kit User Review

  • David Briggs
    Doing its job after some installation issues...
    Review of ASUS PL-AC56 Kit Home Distribution Product by David Briggs, Oct 12, 2017.
    I bought the ASUS PL-AC-56 1200 Powerline extender based on the AVForum Review. I needed to boost the Internet speed as seen by the home smart TV and Humax FVP digibox, which were both struggling with the WiFi signal from the Plusnet router, a couple of walls away. Running Speedtest on the TV gave me only 2Mbps, so it's not surprising. Powerline seemed to be the way to go to avoid trailing cables.

    Amazon delivered promptly and I had it plugged in the same day. The Homeplug and extender unit paired up in a few seconds and I connected the TV by a short Ethernet cable. Speedtest reported the new connection as giving almost 70Mbps, close to the incoming BT OpenReach Fibre-to-the-Cabinet performance.

    WiFi configuration was more troublesome, as the extender's DHCP didn't work. It gave itself an IP address of, stomping on my Gigaset VoIP base station. That took a bit of sorting out but I managed to get it onto a fixed IP just below the router. Disconnecting the LAN cable from the TV and re-configuring for WiFi gave 20Mbps, so even that was a substantial improvement for WiFi PCs in the living room.

    I have reconnected the LAN cables to both TV and Humax as the WiFi isn't really needed for them.

    We'll see about reliability, but it's working nicely at the moment.
    This item was purchased for £136.98 from Amazon in 2017. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Simple to get working as an Ethernet extender
    • Good performance, almost as good as the incoming broadband signal


    • Difficult to configure the WiFi extender because there was a DHCP problem
    • No mains power feed-through socket on the extender

    Build Quality




    Ease of Use


    Video Quality


    Connection Speed


    Value for Money



    • David Briggs
      Just a quick update: While playing with the Netgear WiFi Analytics app on my phone, I discovered that there was an unnamed open guest WiFi network available. The ASUS WiFi access point had created this so that Guest users could access the Internet but not my local computers, or so it says. I wasn't having that, but there doesn't seem to be any way to disable it in the management UI, so I gave it a password. It is now visible on Channel 6 as "SSID"_Guest, but I'm not convinced that it is completely secure...
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