NAD C 368 User Review

  • Braunbear66
    Does so much
    Review of NAD C 368 Stereo Amplifier by Braunbear66, Feb 22, 2017.
    The NAD C 386 Hybrid DAC amp is very nice sounding amp. A plus is it runs on 110-220 and comes with two plug types. I'm currently living in Amsterdam and will be moving back home to California so it will work there also. Out of the box had it hooked up via Bluetooth x to my Astell & Kern AK-70 portable DAC player sounded amazing no cut out very stable. Then I used the analog RCA connection line 1 sounded wonderful flac and my DSD Hi Res music. I have my XBOX One hooked up via toslink sounds great. I'm using a Pro-Project Carbon Debut DC TT with a Ortopon 2M Red cartridge sounds wonderful played all my albums I brought with me to Amsterdam. Sounded so good I went shopping for more. My new favorite is Massive Attact. I did try to do update via my Mac Air onto USB but no success. Microsoft lap top was successful and have updated unit. There are three firmware including the Bluetooth updates and is explained well on there website. Remember there is a main power shut off on back of unit that is needed to turn off and back on while doing the updates. After update I can use my Bluetooth as a source output I use my Bose headphones a nice feature for also listing to TV late night when wife tells me to turn it down because kids are going to sleep. Another interesting thing is you can have speakers running same time as Bluetooth headphones or just turn off speaker A but there is a slight delay but if your running a subwoofers it could be interesting with extra bass. The phone app for remote is a nice feature and can be used simultaneously playing music from other Bluetooth source and as a remote. I also use my MacBook Air via Bluetooth with my Audirvana plus software that plays my Hi Res files. I'm using Dali Zenzor 3's speaker rated 125 watts 6 ohms these speakers sound big and a wonderful bass. I do not feel I need a Subwoofer. I just love all the stuff this amp does. I was looking at Cambridge C 60 & 80 and Marantz 7005 and Yamaha S 801 I feel I made a great choice for myself and auditioned each unit before making my purchase. This just had what I wanted. It also has upgradeabe modules for Bluesound that makes it capable for streaming music content a a cost of €400 I think but I don't feel I ever need that's since I have SiriusXM -Tidal-Deezer- Amazon music to name a few.
    This item was purchased for € 999.00 out the doo from Hi Fi Klubben Amsterdam Netherlands. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • I do like simplicity of not lots of buttons
    • I do like that I can set it to turn on by itself when I turn my tv on
    • I do like that you can have the LCD turn off while your using it
    • You can rename your sources custom via app for phone
    • The volume dial feels nice you can have Db or Volume percentage


    • The menu takes a little time getting use to but it easy now

    Build Quality




    Ease of use




    Audio quality


    Value for money



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