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Apple iPhone 7 User Review

  • chockyUK
    Design not as big an issue for me
    Review of Apple iPhone 7 Mobile Phone by chockyUK, Sep 22, 2016.
    Some still make an issue out of apple not changing the design, but as an engineer, for me the design isn't an issue. Why change it a popular design that's both visually stunning and functional if it doesn't really need changing?
    The new colours are a welcome change and personally I opted for the matte black. Its stunning. I quite like the purple effect in certain lights as well
    In terms of performance I didn't notice much of an improvement from the 6S but then that's also a good thing. Not noticing it doesn't mean it's not there, just means everything is seamless.

    To put it bluntly I love the 7. Stunning design now coupled with great colour additions as well as the awesome camera. I've heard from olloclip that they're working on lenses that are actually screen protector friendly so I think is where we'll see what the camera is actually capable of.
    This item was purchased for £699 from Apple in 2016. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Design
    • New colours
    • Camera


    • Headphone jack (although this isn't an issue to me, gotta evolve at some point right?)

    Design and usability




    Call and Signal Quality


    Email, Browsing, Calandar, Contacts


    Operating System


    Media support




    App support and functionality


    Build Quality


    Value for Money



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