Focal Sib Evo User Review

  • Coulson
    Decent Sound, Effective Dolby Atmos
    Review of Focal Sib Evo Speaker by Coulson, Jun 2, 2018.
    I am rewriting this review after spending some time with these speakers.

    The speakers themselves are bigger than some style systems. As much as I liked my old system, the 5 inch drivers (almost twice the size of my old system) makes a substancial difference to the quality of sound produced. As commented on the forums this makes them almost bookshelf speakers but in a smaller cabinet.

    These speakers sounded great out of the box even though my receiver was configured for my old system. The woofer is typical of smaller system woofers (of which I have had many). When set up and positioned correctly it adds heft to the sound but I now use my old Tannoy TS series woofer which just "feels" like it goes deeper. The Focal sub is still OK, but there is a difference. The physical installation of the wires into the small holes is annoying but unless you are trying to bi-wire or run large gauge cable it is still doable.

    As for the Atmos set-up? It took some time but that wasn't all about the speakers. The receiver has to be reconfigured for Atmos so you effectively start again with speaker setup. My Blu-Ray player wasn't bit streaming but instead converting everything to PCM. Not a problem with Dolby THD and DTS-HD but definitely a problem with Dolby Atmos and DTS-X.

    Once that was done I concentrated on setting up the speakers using the Atmos 'Amaze' Demo.
    I think I must have played that demo about 50 times. Every time I made a change to a setting in my receiver, player or speaker position I played that trailer until it was as immersive as I thought possible and the height effects worked. The great thing about that demo is that it tests your satellites surround, height and sub LFE effects. But it may take a while to set this up correctly as even the incline of the speakers is important, luckily the built in stands have indicators that make this easier to configure. The crossovers in general should be set to 80hz for the satellites with the Atmos speaker drivers set higher.

    With any good Atmos speakers (and these are very good), you get an expansive sound bubble which nicely fills in the gaps you would normally hear on a 5.1 system. This happens even if they are not set up 100% correctly. But once they are really set up correctly the effect is amazing. You will know when you hear the rain from the Amaze demo falling on your ceiling :)

    What is also impressive is the up-mixing of DTS-HD and Dolby True HD tracks works really well for some films to the extent that you not only get the sound bubble but the height effects as well. I wasn't expecting this to work as well as it did.

    Bottom line:
    You can get pretty decent Atmos sound with these speakers but without the extra work it may not be optimal and you could end up sending the speakers back. But once set up properly, the only way you would return this package is maybe for bigger speakers or actual ceiling mounted Atmos speakers .
    This item was purchased from SevenOaks in 2018. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Size
    • Sound Quality
    • Effective Atmos
    • Design and Style
    • Multi-position stands


    • Fiddly cabling
    • Satellites are better than the sub

    Sound Quality


    Build Quality


    Value For Money



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