Sony BDP-S5500 User Review

  • j00pY
    Decent player
    Review of Sony BDP-S5500 Blu-ray Player by j00pY, Jan 1, 2016.
    First off, I should state that I do not have that much experience with home cinema equipment having lived in flats and not wanting to annoy neighbours. I recently moved into a house and so built a basic setup: a 50" Kuro, with VSX-919 amp and 5.1 Whardale DX-1 speakers. I was using an old PS3 as the Blu-ray player when it stopped reading Blu-rays after probably 200 hours of use (over 6 years... with the last 150 hours in the past 2 months)

    I did some quick research and chose this player as I could pop to Argos during my lunch break and pick it up.

    Overall I think its a very good player for the price, and does everything that the PS3 did. I could not tell any difference in picture quality or sound quality, apart from the fact that the output volume is slightly louder. It was easy to use this device as a media server player, so it picks up content on my PC and it was also easy to enable an alternate DNS server so you can access other Netflix regions. I should mention that loading up Blu-rays is fast and Blu-ray menus are snappy to navigate around.

    Build quality wise, yes it is plasticy and light, but considering it lives in a cabinet and I only touch the tray, that really doesn't bother me in the slightest. I think its a nice looking player.

    The negatives for this player is that streaming services take a good minute or so to enable, and accessing them before they are ready will give you an error saying that the internet is not set up on the device. Also the player menus are a bit sluggish compared to the PS3. You must also use a USB drive if you want to save any web content onto the player as it doesn't contain any storage space. I put a drive in but haven't found any use for it
    This item was purchased for 75.00 from Argos in 2015. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Price
    • Features
    • Size


    • Slow to start up streaming features
    • Sluggish interface

    Picture Quality


    Sound Quality




    Ease Of Use


    Build Quality


    Value For Money



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