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  • nugget2014
    Deadpool does it big!
    Review of Deadpool Movie by nugget2014, Feb 11, 2016.
    *warning, spoilers ahead!*

    First off let me say i have never read a deadpool comic, although i have seen clips of the terrible execution of deadpool in X men origins: wolverine.

    i will start of the things i didn't like in the film. the origin story was kind of boring to me even though it was the first time we have seen it.

    i also wish it was just a little bit longer, the more deadpool the better! since it included the origin story it didn't leave the longest amount of time for action scenes and general fun and comedy, although what i did see was excellent.

    from the beginning during the opening credit scene i could tell it will be a barrel of laughs, with the people they credit as bad names and such.

    my most liked parts of the film is the end credit scene, the wolverine references and the deadpool figure he had in his collection, along with the scene of when his hand was regrowing.

    the violence was spot on, the comedy was nearly perfect in my opinion and the pacing was decent.

    the only thing that made me think to myself "why did they do that?" was when colossus was fighting angel dust and her boob was showing but we couldn't see as colossus was in the way and he told her to cover up. they should of done some service to the fans and showed it since it's rated R! made it seem more PG-13 as they are censoring some things. although it's a minor niggle that isn't really anything big

    overall, 9.5/10!


    • comedy, violence, fan service
    • deadpool


    • origin story
    • running time


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