Marantz SR6010 User Review

  • xafier
    Cracking midrange AV reciever
    Review of Marantz SR6010 AV Receiver by xafier, Dec 5, 2015.
    Bought this receiver so that I could move from a stereo set-up to a 5.1 system in our living room, with the potential to move to a 5.1.2 Atmos setup in the future. I have paired this with a BK electronics XXLS400 subwoofer, Kef R500 as fronts, Kef R200c centre and Kef R100 rears.

    Set-up was really straightforward using the Audyssey microphone included, I've been through a few different setups with the speakers and furniture since purchasing the receiver and had reasonably consistent results with each Audyssey configuration.

    The connectivity and features on this £900 receiver are simply fantastic, you've got stacks of HDMI 2.0 inputs with HDCP 2.2 so it's very futureproof, in addition you have RCA outputs for all channels so you can always expand the amplification if necessary. It supports Atmos out of the box and soon with a firmware upgrade will support DTS:X.

    Features such as the ability to cast music from Spotify or play via Bluetooth have added enjoyment to the living room, my girlfriend has made a lot of use of the Spotify feature so she can crack on some music without using our HTPC. In addition the ARC functionality has integrated everything with our Samsung TV meaning less faffing with two remotes.

    In terms of amplification and sound quality, you can do 7.2 or 5.2.2 using the on-board amplifier and this can be expanded to 7.2.2 or 5.2.4 configurations with the addition of a stereo power amp. I am currently running in a 5.1 configuration with the fronts bi-amped using the rear surrounds.

    The amplifier seems to be providing enough ooomph for my Kef R-series speakers in our roughly 3.5m x 5m living room. I have noticed occasional quiet hiss/noise during quiet scenes when the volume is loud, but nothing major. I'm struggling to decide whether I prefer the stereo sound compared with my NAD C355 amplifier that I previously used, I feel the NAD had a better kick to it in the mid-bass that maybe the Marantz is not quite achieving, but that was with different speakers to hard to judge fairly.

    In the future I think I will expand the system with a 2 or 3 channel power-amp for the front in preparation for adding some Atmos speakers for height (possibly Kef R50's), I think that might take a little strain off the Marantz and allow me to power the Kef R500's with something a little more worthy of them.

    Overall I think the SR6010 is a cracking receiver, gives you everything you need to get you going with a new set-up or move from something more lower-end. Also with all its connectivity and expandability it will be pretty future proof too, allowing you to expand with power amplifiers if you want a more elaborate setup.
    This item was purchased for £899 from Audio Visual Online in 2015. The reviewer still owns this product.


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    • KelvinS1965
      Good to see some owner feedback on this AVR as it seems to be a little in the shadow of the 7010 model. Having now had 5 demos of Atmos I've decided that I don't need the extra channels of the 7010, so I plan to get a 6010 and just run it as 7.2 saving £500 for extras I don't need. I have a good power amp already so will use this rather than the internal amps in the 6010 (still way cheaper than buying a Marantz processor).

      Do you use the ARC function on this AVR? I already have the smaller NR1605 in my conservatory connected to a Panasonic LCD from last year. I find that it all works very well and no need for a special remote as the TV one controls the volume and mute on the NR1605, even my Mother in law can use it. :) It would be good if the 6010 ARC works the same/as well, since my amp/rack is outside of the room and IR repeaters don't always work as well as I'd like.
    • xafier
      @KelvinS1965 The ARC functionality works great, you can adjust volume with the TV remote no problem and also it can pass audio back to the processor if you are using Smart apps such as Netflix or Amazon prime video.

      Until I got this amp I didn't know what ARC was, now I wouldn't be without it, such a great idea!
    • KelvinS1965
      That's good to know. it sounds like it will work exactly like my second room system (the TV is the same model, just a bigger size in the living room system).

      EDIT: I've ordered one of these now, hope to get it in time for Christmas.
    • Live01
      Hey Kelvin,

      Did you get your 6010 in time for Christmas and what are your impressions of this AMP?

      Like you said it's great to get owner feedback - I'm currently running the Yamaha 1067 in my AV setup and looking to upgrade/update ready for 4k

      I'm interested also in it's 2 channel performance using the on-board amplification.

      Many thanks

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