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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice User Review

  • Coz22998
    Come and see how a single word can almost totally derail a comic book universe!!!
    Review of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice blu-ray by Coz22998, Aug 5, 2016.
    Contextually, I love all these comic book movies from recent years - even Man of Steel! - so came to this really wanting it to not be as bad as I'd read........as a first time viewing experience, I can only agree with the many views of my esteemed colleagues here, in that I'm hugely frustrated - this could, and should have been so much better. But there is some really good stuff in here which makes it far from the train wreck I've seen others describe it as.
    The good - I don't mind the humourless tone honestly. It suited where DC were going with this world and a few gags would have broken its hold. I also like, for the most part, the characters - as everyone else has said, Battfleck is great (physically - mentally, well, see below) and that warehouse take down is simply superb. OK I like the characters except one......more below! In fact, the whole of the last 50 mins was really strong - seeing the holy trinity come together, even in the face of a characterless CG beastie, was fantastically well put together. And scattered through the first 2 hrs 10 (!), there were smatterings of great stuff - loved the dream sequence for its visuals, liked Superman questioning himself and his place in our world in the face of those who would look to control him....even liked seeing everyone's favourite Robin Hood again.......

    The bad - most of the first 2hrs 10 mins.....! When I say most, again its the entire 'story' is just brain numbingly stupid that it almost undid the fantastic work of the last 50 mins. Batman is the worlds greatest detective isn't he? Isn't he? Er no. He's thick as two short planks - his motivations for hating Superman, manipulations aside (which for someone of his intellect should have seen through anyway), is just the most teeth gratingly annoying thing I've seen in movies for a while. Throw in Lex's motivations being, well, non-existent (can anyone tell me why????) and really you have an utter failure of a coherent plot. In fact just throw in Lex - what a godawful portrayal. I get where they were coming from - his nervous twitches and such unfortunately remind you of Ledgers Joker - but as a screen presence, from the very first time you see him, you just cant wait for him to be off screen.

    But it could have been so good - after the Metropolis incident at the end of MoS (which I unlike the rest of the world had absolutely no problem with), you didn't need anyone pulling non-existent strings to manipulate these characters, as you had enough people questioning Superman, including himself, that that motivation on its own would have been strong enough to bring him into conflict with both the world and this new dark Batman and could have led to the smackdown we wanted to see......which now unfortunately and rather sadly was not only hindered by the incredulous nature of their coming together, but THAT end to (the M-word......AAARRRGGHHHH!!!) it almost made me want to stop the film. Yes, its as bad as everyone says. Throw in other narrative dead ends (who is Jena Malone other than far cleverer than anyone else, yet no-one other than Lois seems to know she exists? The bullets from the desert? Only served to point a massive foam finger with the world 'DOH' written on it.....) and I have spent 3 hours watching a sporadic series of fantastic scenes hung onto a feeble and completely insulting plot. A solid GRRRRRRRRR! at what could have been.

    The disc though (I got the UHD version and watching on a 1080p PJ) is fantastic - I've switched the HDMI setting on my PJ so that the picture is now lightened without harming my blacks (an issue I have with all WB discs on my legacy kit), so I got a lovely image that whilst not as shiny as some reviews have said (dark, grain, lens flare, more dark and I'm sure at that line - from now on forever called 'the m-word', the plot managing to almost physically manifest itself as actual crap on my screen.....), was pretty darn spiffy. The Atmos track was stunning too - bass pounding my room and sound literally everywhere. A superbly thrilling audio experience.

    Summary - so frustrating. Its not the complete train wreck others feel it to be for me, but the writers need to go and have a good long hard look at themselves if that is the best they could come up with. Plus, come on Ben, you're better than that line, surely you could have spoken up at some point as well? Either way, I enjoyed that final 50 mins immensely, so I might just pretend the first 2 hrs 10 never happened.......
    This item was purchased for £24.99 (UHD version) from HMV in 2016. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Oooooo, shiny and loud in all the right ways......
    • The final 50 minutes have some great comic book action.......


    • Oooooo, dumb and insultingly stupid plot, in all the wrong ways......
    • .....which is a good job as the first 130 mins is full of insufferable plotting, a godawful Lex and is a contender for the worst comic book movie of all time



    Picture Quality


    Sound Quality





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