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  • DrGekko
    C'mon... it's Bond!!!!
    Review of SPECTRE Movie by DrGekko, Nov 6, 2015.
    Well my friends and I attended Resortworld last Sunday morning dressed in tuxes in honour of 007 in Spectre. And basically, we loved it. It's not Skyfall and I'm convinced that it was never intended to be. We delved deep into his past and what made him since Casino Royale so this was the reboot of Bond for the future generations, paying homage to some of the well-loved classics of previous generations. It wasn't perfect by any means but for those looking for the cool factor of 007, the action, the villains, the car chases, punch ups and the like... it had it all. The sound was incredible and to be fair to the theme song, I didn't like hearing it on the radio but it's meant for the theatre - and it sounded glorious at the cinema amidst the beautiful graphics sequence. I can understand the mixed reviews, particularly if the film and storyline are taken too seriously - but at the end of the day, this isn't Jason Bourne, this is James Bond. So enjoy it for what it is, chill and you'll enjoy the splendid ride.


    • Sound
    • Photography
    • Tribute to the classic Bond films
    • Daniel Craig - too cool for school!
    • Christoph Walsh - prime nutter with such class
    • DB10!!!!
    • One of the most exciting opening scenes in any Bond movie


    • A little too long for the cinema
    • Not enough DB10


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