The Angry Birds Movie User Review

  • lucasisking
    Cheep n' cheerful
    Review of The Angry Birds Movie Movie by lucasisking, May 22, 2016.
    Piggybacking off the success a once popular game, this is light as a feather but not completely offensive either.

    Red is a frustrated bird on an idyllic Island, sent to anger management class after blowing his top. Shortly after, and expedition from neighbouring Piggy Island arrives and dazzles the avian Islanders with gifts and parties. Yet Red suspects the newcomers are up to no good...

    That brief synopsis takes almost 45 minutes (half the runtime) to set up in the actual film, which alone tells you just how thin they had to stretch the material. It's a short movie that feels achingly long at times; the entire story could have been told as a Pixar short (and a silent one at that) and you'd see everything you need to see. And apart from a few laughs and pop culture references here and there, it has very little to say; and simply contrives a way to have the game scenario play out on the big screen, catapulting us -literally- to the expected action climax.

    Yet while it very clearly falls in the category of those commercially driven, lowest common denomintor animated films that have limited adult appeal, it's nowhere near as wretched as, say, Minions. The animation is first rate and extremely colourful, and the characters are nowhere near as irritating as I'd feared. Although I did find it a bore at times, I had my fair share of chuckles too and at least one genuine laugh. So while it won't be high on any parent's bluray pre-order list; as a simple, colourful diversion with plenty of mild laughs and a bombastic finale, it will keep the little-uns happy on a rainy afternoon.


    • Colourful, well rendered animation.
    • Likeable characters
    • A couple of mild laughs
    • Fun final act


    • Completely insubstantial and throwaway
    • Slow pace makes it tedious for grown ups
    • Not terribly amusing or engaging
    • Short but feels long
    • Limited appeal beyond the target audience


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