Sony PS-HX500 User Review

  • alexdonc
    Changing the cartridge is a must
    Review of Sony PS-HX500 Turntable by alexdonc, Jan 6, 2017.
    The turntable is fantastic and the build quality is great. The on-board phonopreamp is great quality also. Changing the cartridge is a must in my opinion, but bear in mind it will not be an easy task for someone with little experience or skills. I don't recommend doing it if you're not skilled enough.

    You can see the result with the modern and high quality AudioTehnica AT440Mlb cartridge attached instead of the generic AT91 or any kind of 3600 series that came pre-installed. I have used two kinds of protractor (guessing the overhang of the arm) and a digital force gauge for the counterforce gauge calibration.

    Here is mine:
    This item was purchased for 500 EUR from Sony Center Băneasa Romania in 2016. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Build quality, great sound
    • Very good integrated AD converter and preamp


    • The cartridge it comes with is low quality; Hard to change the preinstalled cartrige
    • No automatic STOP, everything is manual, could of been nice at least semiautomatic...

    Sound Quality


    Build Quality




    Ease of Use




    Value for Money



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