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  • Barcoing Mad
    Caveats and updates (22/5/18)
    Review of Sony VPL-VW760ES Projector by Barcoing Mad, May 2, 2018.
    The projector as supplied fails to resolve 2x and 1x pixels fully owing to the factory settings. These result in colour fringing and splodges which are visible not only on test patterns, but also in normal viewing. This has been documented thoroughly on the American forum, and I can confirm it, having recently taken delivery of one of these machines.

    The problem can be rectified, however, from within the service menu. This is not accessible to the user, so the dealer should and must sort this before delivery. If they play dumb, find yourself another dealer - there are several good ones who frequent these forums. Alternatively, there are good calibrators who can make the corrections and also set the PJ up nicely for you, for a reasonable fee.

    Without the corrections, the PJ is not fit for purpose. I'm disappointed with both the various magazine reviews for missing the issue and Sony for being, in my opinion, economical with the truth.

    I will edit my review with realistic scores, once calibration and corrections have been made week after next.



    Service menu corrections have significantly improved the projector in terms of removing colour splodges which were at their most obnoxious in uniform fields of colour, particularly greys.

    Issues surrounding the resolution of 2x 1x pixel patterns haven't been fully resolved, although improved. Resolution of patterns which don't contain a regular line or grid structure appears to be fine, and good 4k material is clearly of higher resolution than its HD equivalent from my viewing distance of ~3.5m from a 106" diagonal screen (there's some mixed units for you). There is some bleed from blue, but invisible from any sensible distance.

    I would rate the lens as fair. Focus is uniform and resolves the pixel structure. There is some light scatter.

    Black level is good to fair (in comparison to my previous projectors, which have been Marquee CRTs and a JVC DILA. Black floor is of course elevated for a given native contrast ratio if the peak white level is increased - CRTs had a great black level, but were dimmer overall).

    Motion resolution is very good. Reality creation doesn't draw attention to itself with artefacts, and is very tweakable. Impressed. Much better than my old JVC HD750 (which tended to smear and colour band), although of course the newer JVC models are better.

    Dynamic laser dimming is fairly useless. Goes to black sluggishly when black screen I/P, otherwise it doesn't do anything. I'd hoped for rapid dynamic modulation based on the instantaneous peak white in the image. A pity.

    In terms of colour fidelity (once calibrated), brightness and stability, it is excellent.

    I recommend cranking the contrast up to 88...92 for SDR. Test patterns would indicate that it can go this high without clipping, and certainly for the material I fed it, it looks fine.

    Laser setting is again something I'm setting high (85+). Personal taste, and certainly calibrators would probably frown, as they like their stuff THX dim.

    Cooling fan noise is good to fair - particularly if the laser o/p is run at anything below 92/100 (the difference between 92 and 100 is barely perceptible). Not objectionable.

    HDR is interesting. Politely referred to as being in the early stages of implementation after a few years, in my opinion the industry has ... it up beyond belief. It shouldn't be that difficult. As it stands no two HDR sources appear to share the same mastering.

    Calibrated for HDR, the projector looked dim and murky. Cranking up the contrast to again ~90 improved things immensely. Were peak whites being clipped? Using the new Jumanji as a source, in an early scene there is a shot directly into the sun, which remained clearly resolved as the contrast was increased. Switching over to Lost in Space, and then MarcoPolo, brighter details were also retained. Brightness and contrast are nicely positioned on the remote. Remember your calibrated levels, but then don't be afraid to adjust them!

    As a personal preference, I find black level crushing more objectionable than whites which are causing my eyes to water being clipped.

    Would I recommend this projector?

    It's too expensive - Sony are making a huge margin on the laser engine. They need to sort the colour fringing issues (and be a bit more forthcoming on the reasons) and they're missing a trick with the dynamic dimming for whatever reason.
    If JVC were to bring out a proper 4k machine with a laser engine for a decent price, I think they'd kill it.

    I can't make comparisons with DLP machines, as I find rainbows and elevated black levels make them unwatchable, despite their strengths.
    This item was purchased. The reviewer still owns this product.

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