Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi User Review

  • slave1
    Calling out for another viewing...
    Review of Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi Movie by slave1, Dec 16, 2017.
    This one has a lot to live up to I comparing to Rogue One, less so compared to TFA.
    This is more adult in nature, darkness underpins the majority of the movie. The first comic piece bugged me, it was way too early for relief. Finn’s excursion was drawn out and reminded me of additions to ROTJ Special Edition - an excuse for special effects. The Emperor’s Guard were mute in the OT and they should remain like that, throwing shapes has no place in Star Wars. The closing scene was the worse closing to any SW film, there were opportunities to close out earlier and one of them could have been chosen.
    This review is wrote early into release and without reading any other review online or otherwise so I will not discuss plot detail or spoilers.

    Kylo exceeded, Han was the central character in TFA and Luke here. Diversity appears pushed.
    Did not feel the time passing, there are bits I’d like to delete but does the annoyances outweigh the overall?

    IMHO this is a great SW movie, the saga continues and most SW fans will be happy.
    My burning desire would be for the new trilogy to be closed out with a darker Rouge One/Empire epic, more dirt and less sterility....


    • Dark undertones
    • Views of my country
    • Closing battle scene
    • Bigger ATATs


    • Finn’s excursion
    • Feeling of forced diversity


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