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  • lucasisking
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    Review of RoboCop Remastered Director's Cut Blu-ray by lucasisking, Jul 20, 2017.

    Before Iron Man, Batman and Judge Dredd ever made it to the silver screen, there was Robocop. Forget the anaemic, erectile-dysfunctional 2014 remake; Verhoeven's ultra-violent satirical sci-fi stunner is as fresh, funny and thrilling as it was 30 years ago. The era has passed, the hairstyles have dated, and the pre-digital special effects are a little weather-beaten after 3 decades; but it's a hell of a ride and so much more than just another cheap sci-fi romp. First off the pacing is goldilocks perfect; neither too long nor too rushed, and structured with robot-like efficiency and not an ounce of body-fat. It's an in-your-face satire of corporate greed, Reaganism, and American excess; and yet it also takes itself seriously enough that you can empathise with the main character's loss of humanity, family and dignity. It's also gloriously and satifyingly violent. Gratuitous and over the top? Hell yeah, and thats kind of the point. And the characters- especially the antagonists- are a blast. Miguel Ferrer(RIP)'s corporate climber and serious asshole Bob Morton; Ronny Cox's ice-cold, ultra corrupt exec Dick Jones; hulking robo-gorilla ED-209 (which is simultaneously goofy and terrifying); and a gang of world-class uber scumbags led by Kurtwood Smith's incomparable wrong-un Clarence Boddiker. How is it that Marvel and DC can't conjure an effective villain between them, and this film gives us several at once? A thrill ride from beginning to end. Let down by crap sequels, a crap TV show and a crap remake, none of which I'd buy for a dollar. But the original stands proudly alongside Predator and The Terminator as a classic of 80s scifi action. Still remember my high school posse crowding round my parents house after school to watch this on VHS, we all adored it.

    Just watching the documentary Flesh & Steel. Interesting to note that Verhoeven initially passed on the project, and that it had an extremely troubled production. I guess art comes from adversity.
    This item was purchased for 8.00 from HMV in 2017. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Sensational slice of 80s scifi and ultraviolence
    • Quality transfer
    • bags of extras


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