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  • silouette
    Breif Thoughts on Spectre
    Review of SPECTRE Movie by silouette, Oct 29, 2015.
    Well I'm afraid all the hype had lead me to look forward to Spectre with great anticipation.
    But It just seemed to be a very grey presentation both visually and on involvement factor.
    The promise just did not seem to deliver, our big bad strong guy was just big, without any characterful menace like odd job or Jaws, do we really fear this character who reminds us of a nightclub bouncer, well no we don't.
    The heroins both older and younger didn't seem to exude any particular femme fatal ingredient that would seem to require an over amount of love or lust .Although a bit more lingerie close up would have helped,well me anyway.
    Our Master Baddy, had an all too brief appearance and not a lot of menace seemed to appear then.
    The Opening sequence was indeed spectacular, but still seemed to leave me not caring what was going on, just left me wanting more.
    I guess to sum it up the whole film just seemed to be going through the paces and really left me unfulfilled.All that money spent all those locations that we briefly glimpsed,just did not hit the mark.
    Unlike of course that lucky bullet in the final shootout.
    ( casino Royale was just too good .)


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    • the title sequence


    • the colour seemed to be washed out.
    • that silly little gun


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