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  • slackbladder
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    Review of God Of War PS4 Game by slackbladder, Apr 26, 2018.
    What a game!
    Now, I've never played a God of War game before but I knew enough of them to know how different this iteration was in comparison. And I had certainly seen the trailers for this sometime ago so had a pretty good idea what to expect. But playing it on my PS4Pro was a revelation.
    Let's get this out of the way, it is simply one of the most incredible looking games so far made. The level of detail is nuts. The design and enviroments are exceptional. HDR in this game is fantastic. Watching this on my LG C8 OLED was pure eye candy. Nice thing to see also was the dynamic HUD which only shows when in combat or context sensitive prompts. Any issues? Well, water could look better and reflections too. Sometimes light would be reflected in the water at an impossible angle due to the reflections often being baked into the game. But it's a nitpick. When you're in full axe slaughtering mode you don't notice it at all.
    Which get's to the violence..I mean gameplay. But yeah, it's meatily violent. And yes surprisingly deep. I never got tired of the comba with both the animation and audio being top-notch. Kratos' axe magically returning to his hand will never get old. There's plenty of customisation in combat with two attack types, fast and heavy as well as unique 'specials' that are set to the L1 (also your shield which is both defensive and offensive) and either square, triangle or circle. X is your dodge and you will need it. You unlock more attack types and specials as you go along using experiance and finding runes you add to your armour and Axe. Mixing them up is a joy as they seemlessly work together in creating a lovely, fluid feel to the combat.
    Kratos looks genuinely hard and unforgiving, yet the game has subtle (and not so subtle) moments where he seems to be pulled in two different directions - caring for his son and unleashing hell on his enemies. The dialogue with him and his son Atreus is plausible and well delivered. Their interaction makes up the vast majority of the dialogue but it never gets old or boring. The story itself may be a tad familiar but as it's so well done it's enjoyable. In fact I would say it's almost as good as the Last of Us with regards to charcterisation and interaction.
    What else to say? The reviews are right, it is a very, very good game. It leaves a smile on my face everytime I play and that's the best thing any game can hope to do.
    This item was purchased for £52.99 from PSN in 2018. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Beautiful to look at
    • Deep and satisfying combat
    • Good characters and enjoyable storytelling


    • A few graphic niggles but purely minor
    • Quite a jump in difficulty between Easy and Medium









    Single Player





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