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  • donwylie
    beware iPhone users
    Review of Samsung M5 Hi-Fi Speaker by donwylie, Sep 7, 2014.
    The iOS app for this item is atrocious - see my review and others on the app store. Ok so i have the M5 speaker and the wireless multiroom hub, wired into a 150mb virgin media hub (excellent connection)

    The only content I can play is tune in radio, which works fine.

    Whenever I open the app, it searches for music, which involves a huge wait that would wind up the most patient person. Then, if I click on 'my phone' (to view music on my phone) it starts another search and comes up with nothing - so it can't even find the music on my phone!?!?! (I only have approx 5 albums on my phone, I use spotify). I can also click 'devices' and this finds my has drive quickly, but then fails to locate any of the music files on it. Now Spotify. The Samsung app tells me to open Spotify and play a song and it will just play on the m5 no it just plays on my iPhone - Spotify just won't play to the device.

    Then there are the spelling mistakes at various places in the app. This all leads me to conclude that the app was developed by the intern / work experience guy/gal at Samsung and no-one actually bothered to test it properly. This is a real shame, especially since you have given it a good review. Id be interested to hear an update from you once you've tried it with an iPhone and re-read your initial review.

    Let's face it, what use is a wireless speaker if it is so annoying and so impossible to connect and send content to. Note I also have a Yamaha Av receiver and this is the exact opposite. It's app works like a dream, so much so I barely use the physical remote.

    Such a shame, I'm neither an apple not android fanatic, I just like good kit that works well, and sadly this just doesn't.

    P.s I should also add that I tried to add the app to my nexus 7 tablet (maybe that would fare better?) but sadly it wasn't compatible?!?! A stock android device wasn't compatible. Maybe you have to have a Samsung device...very poor
    This item was purchased for included with a 4k t from richer sounds in 2014. The reviewer still owns this product.


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