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  • Coz22998
    Better than The Incredible Hulk...........
    Review of Avengers: Infinity War Movie by Coz22998, May 1, 2018.
    I'm a fan. A pretty big one. I've re-watched 16 out of the previous MCU movies in the last 8 weeks in preparation for this viewing and to say I've had a blast with every single one of them (yes, even you Incredible Hulk......) is an understatement.

    And after dutifully avoiding all spoilers until this morning, I sat down for this viewing, giddy with anticipation and trying not to spill my nachos and rubber cheese sauce. And now that I've had a few hours to sit on my feelings for this, I think the best way to sum this is up is 'torn'.

    Torn because I really did love it. I loved the insane action set-pieces, I loved the jokey humour, I loved the fantastic character play that even when forcing heroes together who you would never think would work in a million years, it just did. And did so effortlessly. I loved the shocking character deaths that walloped me out of nowhere and hit hard. Most of all I loved the ending. I know there is a part 2 that has the power to undo a lot of this, but you know what? I don't care. I'm invested in these damn characters, and that ending pretty much blew me away. And finally.....finally, I loved the final moments of the film, quiet and thoughtful in amongst the sea of insane spectacle, summing up Brolin's wonderful Thanos as everything we expected, hoped and wanted him to be.......

    .......so why torn?

    As good as all that was, I just wanted something a little more........quieter. Don't get me wrong, I loved all the action beats - the Titan team takedown of Thanos is one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time. But some of my favourite MCU moments aren't the action beats, its the character ones. I think my all time favourite MCU scene is the party in the much maligned (although definitely not by me) Age of Ultron. Just these characters hanging out and talking. And its that this I missed in this. Given that the majority of the quieter scenes involved Thanos, its no surprise he comes off as the best thing in the film. And I just really wanted a little more of that....especially given the power of the final scene, of exactly this tranquillity in amongst all the carnage.........

    But ok, I'm probably nit picking. I cant help but marvel (he he) at what Feige et al have done, the way that all those films have led to this: people wondered at the insane comic turn Thor Ragnarok took? Just getting us ready for having Thor interact with the far more overtly comedic Guardians.....its that level of genius that everyone is properly losing their collective crap over. And rightly so.

    So to wrap up, its nestled up there with Civil War as the best of the MCU films, but as many have said, a lot of its success will be dictated ultimately by what happens in part 2. But for now, this will just have to settle as being the new benchmark for tentpole action films from now on. I want to give it an 8.5 (with a 9 like Cas being the highest to go to until part 2), but what the hell - I'm feeling fruity so it gets rounded up. A year suddenly feels like a very long time to wait.......


    • Every single character
    • Every single action beat
    • Every ounce of comedy


    • Poor ol' Cap getting oddly the least amount of screentime
    • Not enough quieter moments.......but that might just be me


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