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  • Batdog
    Batman v Superman review - warning contains Lots of SPOILERS - don't read until you have watched the film
    Review of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Movie by Batdog, Mar 26, 2016.
    My early fears for this film were that they were making a mistake rushing into this without at least one solo Batman film and having now watched it, my fears have been realised. I actually like MoS and would rate it 8/10, but BvS is 5/10 at best.

    I'll start with the good. I thought the cast were generally fine, Affleck definitely made for an interesting, older, more cynical Bruce Wayne. Some of the action was OK. I'll no doubt buy and rematch on BluRay.

    Now the bad.

    Jesse Eisenberg was horrible casting as Lex Luthor. The character should be older and more physically imposing, I just could not take to his twitchy 'eccentric' take on the character. Given the dark tone, I'd have liked to have seen a portrayal more akin Jeff Bridges character in the first Iron Man movie.

    Whilst the action was decent, I felt that it frequently took on a kind of unreal quality which made me conscious that I was watching a movie. Hard to explain really, brought to mind scenes of Alien battling Predator in those awful movies.

    I felt the score in MoS was one of its strongest points, but in BvS it seemed quite self conscious and obvious at times. In particular, the Wonder Woman theme just took me right out of the movie and didn't flow at all.

    Very little screen time given to certain characters eg Perry White - felt they were shoehorned in to just provide some continuity with MoS.

    Bizarre plot holes, why was all this alien tech just left around, if Superman can drag a ship then why is the World Engine still out in the Indian Ocean being raided by all and sundrie? Why does the Genesis chamber still work? I can guess why Lex wanted them dead, but what was he planning to do with Doomsday once they were? How was Lex so certain that Superman was close enough to rescue Lois when he pushed her off the building? I'm also confused how Superman is coming back to life after being dead for days? Maybe I'd need to be more familiar with the comics to get this.

    My main gripe is however that I really feel there should have been another MoS film to bring Lex Luther into this universe, it should have been explained how he came to know their identities and perhaps had Clark starting to get fixated on stories coming from Gotham about the Batman. A solo Batman movie would have brought us up to speed with his origins. So we know Batman's been fighting criminals for 20 years and has all this tech, but we have no idea of how this all came to be. A few samey looking flashback scenes are not adequate for a character as big as Batman. A few more films could have been used to flesh out a better reason for him to want to kill Superman, I just struggled to buy into his logic of needing to kill him even if there is only a 1% chance he is our enemy. It also seemed illogical that Superman was so obsessed with Batman and the papers were still referring to him as the Bat vigilante, if he had been around so long? A solo film should have put all this in place.

    In conclusion, I've never understood why DC feel they need to 'catch up' with Marvel? There is more than enough interest that their films could be successful in their own right, rushing ahead to this point in the story so early was a big mistake and I'm struggling to visualise the universe there are trying to create, in a way that is so easy with the MCU and also Nolan's Batman Trilogy.

    A missed opportunity.


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