Audio Technica AT-LP5 User Review

  • Jdub071
    ATPL120 upgrade
    Review of Audio Technica AT-LP5 Turntable by Jdub071, Nov 25, 2017.
    I bought this to upgrade from ATPL120 (forerunner of PL120 without USB). I switched cartridges and put a Nagaoka MP110 in generic 1/2 inch headshell on it and am using with a Schiit Mani phono preamp. Everything works dandy--tracks beautifully at 1.75 grams antiskate at 2.0 setting, sounds wonderful. Great soundstate through Emotiva Bas-x A-100 amp and B&W 602 S2 speakers. I tried the AT95EX but the anti-skate wouldn't work with the cartridge. Saw are view on YoTube with a guy having the same problem with the AT95EX, don't know if he switched carts or just sent it back. Iinstalled the supplied AT95EX w/supplied headshell and set it up on my ATPL120 and it works great--even the antiskating. I check antiskating w/smooth side of CD. It is most peculiar about antiskating with this cart. I called AT customer service and they said I may have to sent it back to Amazon for them to send to AT. He said I could try heavier tracking which might help. I'm not going to send it back because of an open box deal with a blemish--slight ding on right rear corner--I had to really look to find it. I got $90.00 off Amazon price so I'm not about to send it back since I will never use the AT95EX on it anyway as I really like the Nagaoka which is a clearer, more transparent and dynamic cart. So I'm well satisfied with it.
    This item was purchased for $360 US from Amazon in 2017. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Quiet, tonearm is a cut above, sounds beautiful--also plastic cover came with.
    • unobtrusively good-looking without all the glitz of otherDJ tables.


    • wish tonearm height were adjustable and it came without internal preamp or usb port.

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