Zidoo X9S User Review

  • tdmduc
    At last a streamer matching my 500Mbit internetspeed.
    Review of Zidoo X9S Streamer by tdmduc, Jan 1, 2017.
    On my list of streamers in the past there are the Minix Neo X7 and Neo X8-H plus.
    Also a M8S of wich i don't want to be reminded about anymore, what a terrible waste of space.
    My first MINIX the Neo X7 started to flicker dispite firmware upgrades and different bootroms(yes i do
    root my devices, for the Apples amongst you: thats jailbreaking but then for Android)
    After buying the X8-H Plus i as reasonably sattisfied but there were a lot of streaming issues and compatibility issues.
    The great turnover was when i switched to a different ISP and fiberglasconnection.
    I now have 500Mbit fiberglass internetspeed. All of a sudden the MINIX started to perform very wel in the Kodi streaming departement and even Spotify, and Tidal were playing fine, as it supposed to be doing.
    This made me conclude to get rid of my M8S and move the X8-H Plus upstairs to the bedroom.
    After purchasing the Zidoo X9S as a replacement for the MINIX X8-H Plus, sudenly a world of opprotunities fell to my eyes and ears.
    I own the JBL Synchros E50BT headphones and for the first time Bluetooth paired immediatly with my new Zidoo, wich was not the case with the MINIX.
    My conclusion for the time being: your streamer is as good as your internetprovider.
    Switch to a good ISP before you spend good money on a streamer.
    ►TIP: when you go and buy this one, immediatly upgrade to the latest firmware via Zidoo Website.
    Suggested OTA-method does not detect the new version automatically and therefore i had to do this manually though USBstick e.g. memorycard.
    This item was purchased for 149 Euros from www.minixwebshop.nl in 2016. The reviewer still owns this product.


    • Metal housing, fast bootup, great Bluetooth
    • Front display, a real powerswitch at the back
    • Sata 3.0 connector, USB 3.0
    • Great standard remote and included cables for connecting external Sata HDD
    • It responds to my main TV remote as well
    • Did i mention that it was fast?


    • Standard UI a bit simple, i am using Nova Launcher instead. Gives it much more credit to the device.
    • First setup, clock did not pick up network time, had to "help" it in the Android settings.

    Build Quality




    Networking, Internet, Streaming quality




    Set up, Menus, Remote


    Value for Money



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